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Tango specialises in IT consulting services for medium enterprises, not-for-profit organisations, and Local Government agencies. Our experienced team not only help you improve the way you engage with your customers, but also enhance your internal efficiencies to streamline the way you do business.

We take a holistic approach to your organisation, helping you realise benefits that enhance and improve the work environment for all your employees. We enable you to increase your efficiency, drive growth and innovation, and improve governance and compliance with minimal overhead.

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We are proud to partner with not-for-profit organisations to help them with technological solutions to solve their problems. With some of our team having worked in not-for-profits, and others sitting on not-for-profit boards, we understand the unique needs of this sector.

We have worked with not-for-profit organisations at both State and Federal level, with specific knowledge and experience in the Disability Services sector. We offer special not-for-profit pricing, to make it easier for your organisation to solve your own problems while continuing to help others.

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Administration and Governance Challenges

The team at Tango IT understand the challenges not-for-profits face in providing administrative processes cost-effectively. We also know it can be difficult to keep on top of your compliance requirements in the face of ever-increasing oversight. We can help you put in place the systems you need to optimise your workforce, with automated solutions that increase efficiency and simplicity, while reducing errors.

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Local Government

As an independent IT consultant, Tango IT offers you the impartial, unbiased support you need in a Local Government organisation. With our in-depth understanding of Local Government processes, we help you maintain an arms-length position in your technology purchasing decisions.

We work alongside you, partnering with your organisation to provide truly independent advice to help de-risk your technology decisions. Crucially, we help you meet your regulatory, compliance, and governance obligations, while getting the right solutions to meet the needs of your organisation. We are also on the WALGA vendor panel (PSP001-001 and 2) and Common User Agreements (CUAs) (Categories 1 and 2).

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With our experience and understanding of Local Government procurement and tendering, we can also help with:

  • Preparation of IT tender documentation in compliance with Local Government requirements
  • Bespoke IT training and education designed specifically in line with your governance requirements
  • IT rollouts and change management processes relating to new technology solutions
  • Organisational IT policies, procedural documents, and other collateral, such as induction manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), etc
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Technology Roadmap

We provide a technology roadmap that incorporates the unique requirements of Local Government, enabling your journey to new technologies that better support your residents and ratepayers.

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Core Business Systems

We understand the unique requirements of Local government which make standard ERP systems inappropriate. This includes the requirements of records management, Mapping GIS, property and rating, planning and development, Licensing, Rangers and Health and Safety as well as capital works management.

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Improve (OAG) Audit Results

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) evaluates your compliance with IT Governance, Service Delivery, and Security. Tango help you understand and improve how best to meet your obligations.

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Medium Enterprises

Medium enterprise have a number of challenges to faces. Driving revenue or profitability, mergers and acquisitions, diversification and innovation. Sometimes your IT systems could be working against you, which will only hold you back. Tango IT can help you find the right technological solutions to increase efficiency, optimise production, or simply give you the data you want when you need it.

The Tango team is skilled at removing the noise to get to the root of a problem. With a comprehensive assessment of your business, we unpack what you do, work out your strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas of inefficiency. With our unique process, we help you understand where your problems are and understand the technological solution you need to solve them.

Our Absolute Independence Is your greatest ally

At Tango IT, we do not develop technology. We do not sell technology. We do not partner with technology providers. We simply help you find the best possible technology solutions to meet your business needs. Our absolute independence is not only our most valuable tool, but also your greatest ally in your technology journey.

With a technology agnostic approach, our IT consulting service brings technology and your organisation together…to Tango! Our IT consultants offer completely unbiased advice and guidance, with recommended solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Tango IT empowers you to make the right decisions about the technology you need to solve your business problems from a position of knowledge and strength.