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Your Completely Independent Consultant

Making technology choices for your business can be a risky exercise. Not to mention costly and time-consuming. That’s why it is important to find someone you can trust who can offer you the expert advice and guidance you need to de-risk your technology decisions.

At Tango IT, we do not develop technology. We do not sell technology. We do not partner with technology providers. We simply help you find the best possible technology solutions to meet your business goals and organisational needs.

Our absolute independence is not only our most valuable tool, but also your greatest ally in your technology journey.

It Takes Two to tango

It is important to us that the business side of your organisation partners well with your digital technologies. However, a bit like the tango dance, sometimes it’s not so easy to do. Your technology must work seamlessly with your business so you can get the most out of it to achieve your goals. The independent consultants at Tango help you by guiding you to make the right technology choices for your business from a position of knowledge and strength.

How We Solve Your Problems

It’s all about our approach

When you partner with Tango, we guide you through our proven framework; a three-stage process that reduces the risk and takes all the hard work out of your technology decisions. Our team make technology relatable to what you do, empowering you with the independent advice and understanding you need to make the right technology choices for your business.

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Tango’s team of IT consultants works with you to understand your business and your goals. We walk through your organisation, identify pain points, and explore options to alleviate pressure with technology solutions. Armed with that knowledge, we develop a technology roadmap that guides your business from where you are now to where you want to be with technology investments.


Once we know what you need and where you want to be, we set to work investigating the best available solutions to meet your requirements. We explore the market, assess suppliers and technology offerings, and commence the tendering process. We use our extensive experience to take care of the contracts and all the negotiations to reach the best terms and pricing for you.

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We plan, manage and guide you through your technology implementation with a comprehensive change strategy that ensures your new technology is understood and used effectively by your team. We can also help you optimise your technology investment on an ongoing basis

Why Choose Tango?

As a truly independent IT consulting business, Tango is not aligned with any IT service provider. We have the freedom to find the right solution to meet your needs, whether that be a single offering from one supplier, or multiple offerings from several suppliers. Whatever solution it takes to solve your business problems, is what we recommend to you.

Business-focused with a love of technology

Make choices from knowledge and strength

Experienced team with your best interests at heart

Completely independent, unbiased IT consulting

Proven framework for the right technology outcomes

Helping you de-risk your technology decisions