IT Suppliers

A simplified procurement and tendering process for IT suppliers

  • Clear requirements and expectations
  • Simple, transparent process
  • Level playing field

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Connecting Suppliers To Opportunities

Tango IT is all about streamlining IT procurement processes to make it easier, fairer, and simpler for everyone involved. Our team works on behalf of our customers to help them find the right technology solution to meet their needs. We manage their entire procurement process, from inviting suppliers to apply, to shortlisting submissions, to managing the implementation.

By removing all the noise in these otherwise complicated processes, we communicate to you exactly what our customers want, articulated clearly in language you will understand. Our unique process helps you better comprehend our customers’ requirements and expectations, so you can tailor the right solution to meet their needs.

The Tango advantage

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Simple, Fast, Fair

We streamline procurement with a simplified, transparent process that makes it easier for our customers and for suppliers.

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Level Playing Field

We don’t play favourites, so you have as much chance as any other supplier in the process.

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Win-Win Result

We strive for a fair and reasonable outcome for both our customers and for you.

Trusted for our independence

We don’t compete with you. One of the biggest benefits we offer our customers, is that we are a completely independent IT consulting firm. We do not sell technology, we do not create technology, we are not aligned with any technology provider. Our sole purpose is to represent the interests of our customers in their technology acquisitions, from procurement and/or tendering right through to implementation and beyond.

Our customers trust us, as they know we take care of their needs and deliver the right technological solution to help solve their business problems. You can trust us, too!

Bridging The Gap Between Suppliers and Customers

If you are chosen as a preferred supplier, Tango will work with you to manage the implementation of your solution for our shared customer. We enable three way collaboration between you, us and the customer. Tango works to manage customer expectations, while ensuring your technology solution achieves its intended purpose – no nasty surprises at either end. We stay involved throughout the process to keep the work in scope and check that the outcomes are as agreed.

The Request for Proposal

As a supplier, you will be invited to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) outlining your solution and how it can address our customers’ needs.

Throughout the evaluation process you will be kept informed about all the activities, timelines and decisions. Your questions and clarifications will be responded to in a respectful and supportive manner and at the end of the process you will be provided with constructive feedback on your response.

We handle the entire process for our customers, including contract negotiation, implementation, and change management. Everything is above board, with a level playing field for all suppliers. Simple. Fair. Transparent. Everybody wins.

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Tango Procure: Our Online platform

Our unique, fully automated online platform, Tango Procure, provides a simple, streamlined method for responding to an RFP. Gone are the days of complicated paperwork or convoluted expressions of interest. Just log in, provide your response, and wait to hear from us. Job done.

Frequently asked questions

Do we get to know who the other suppliers are?

No. To ensure a fair and equitable process, you will not know who the other suppliers are and they will not know who you are.

Do we get to know who the customer is?

If you get shortlisted, you will be provided with the customer’s information, at their discretion.

If we do not get shortlisted, do we receive feedback?

Yes. We will provide an opportunity for you to receive feedback about your application and your suitability for shortlisting.

Is the IP about our products and/or services protected?

Yes. We do not share any information about your products or capabilities with your competitors.